The East Wind Is Coming

How can you think I wanted this?

Didn’t you know this was coming?

Haven’t you heard my many warnings over time?

Haven’t you seen the red flags along the way?

How could you believe it would end in any other way?

Don’t you know it breaks my heart to say goodbye?

This isn’t what I wanted.

Don’t you know that I still love you?

I shouldn’t have to convince you that I’m not trying to ruin your life.

I thought you knew me better than that.

Don’t you know it crushes me to let you down?

It’s like ripping my soul in two.

Don’t you know how much you’ve become a part of me?

It tears at all my seams, to be separated from you.

All the stiches, all the molding, all the growing; with time our souls fused into one.

And must now be ripped in two.

Now we are two bleeding halves, blood and guts spilled out on the floor.

Don’t you know my heart weeps for what could have been?

I’m devastated, but I’m angry too.

If you could have gotten your act together, I would have stayed.

Don’t you know, I never in a million years wanted this?

But it’s not healthy for me to stay by your side, so I must rip my life in two.

Don’t you know, I wanted to stay with you till death do us part?

But you don’t know.

…… or it would never have come to this.

You only see you.

You only¬† feel, your pain, your fears, your sorrows…. you never feel mine.

You do not know empathy, you do not know me.

Which is why it breaks my heart to do it this way.

But your heart is far from me, and it grows colder still.

So it must be done.

There is a storm coming.

Is it the only way?

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