The Lioness

The Lioness

When you hide, when you run away,
When you fall, and hide your face
I will chase you down, like a lion.
But not like a hunter chasing its prey,
I will chase you down in a different way,
I will chase you down like a lion.
like a lioness mother after her cub,
like a jealous protector I will scoop you up.

I will chase you down.

I will always chase you down.


My Psalms

You’re the only name on my lips


You’re the only place that I fit


You’re the only name that I can call on


You’re the only grace that I can fall on

All you have you give, you hold nothing back


You held nothing back, so for you I live


So for you I give all that I have


I will hold nothing back



 You’re the only hope on which I stand


You’re the only home I’ll ever have


You’re the only trust thru my sorrows


You’re the only love whom I follow


You’re the only light that shines evermore


You’re the only life that’s worth dying for


I am not worthy and yet you call me your own


I owe every breath to you, I owe you my life



The Creator became the created.


The righteous became condemned


The breathe of life became death


The lawful judge became grace


The King of glory took my place!

Little Lamb

Wrote this a few years ago, thought I would share it…

I am, a little lost lamb..

Alas, I am the lamb, you spoke of…..

the one continually drifting wayward.

I am the one, for whom you faithfully leave the herd.


You leave them all to find this lamb,

and guide me home, by your hand.

Yes I am the lamb you spoke of…

The one who always goes astray

A little lamb foolish and small, determined to go her own way.

Tho the shepherd may break my legs to confine

 His embrace restores me every time.


Again, i am the lamb you spoke of….

For once again I find myself lost,

lured just like a child, I have wandered far off.

I am caught in a trap set just for me.

“I am just a little lost lamb”, I say as I weep.





Softly he says

“tho you’ve gone astray,

Just turn to me, I’ll lead the way

Little lost lamb, a small task i give you

Just follow behind me, do as i do.

Submit to me, you’re servant I’m master

Trust that I won’t lead you to the slaughter.

Trust me because YOU ARE MY OWN

I am your faithful one, I AM YOUR HOME

ignore the world, ignore religion

Trust I’m the beginning and the ending.

And when when you feel like I am distant

because we have been walking silent…

Hold tight to my words, PRESS ON!

Walk where I walk, my precious one.

Do not move to the right or the left,

for I alone know where to step.

If I don’t look, don’t look that way,

Only say the things I say.

Follow me little lamb, draw near

Do as I do, and have no fear.

Little Lamb, I am your shepherd


Now when you come across lost sheep

You above all else must tell of me.

Tell of my love, tell of my freedom

Proclaim the forgiveness found in Jesus!”


I am the little Lamb you spoke of

unable to survive on her own.

easily lost, yet easily found and brought home

Happy am I to be this little lamb

For this little one, has the greatest shepherd in all the land.


John 10:11

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep


John 10:14

I am the Good shepherd. I know my own and my sheep know me.

On Fire

On Fire

Do you know what its like to have your heart set on fire?

Do you know what its like to have a loyal best friend who’s never left your side?

Do you know what its like to have love like an ocean surround you and pull you under?

Do you know what its like to have a God create your every cell, and plan a life for you to prosper?

Do you know what its like to be free from burdens and borders?

Do you know what its like to have joy overflow from your very core?

Do you know what its like to have life burst thru your dry bones?

Do you know what its like to have endless water fill your lonely  thirsty  soul?

Do you know what its like to be sure of your eternal destination?

Do you know what its like to have sin forgotten and guilt silenced?

Do you know what its like to  have rest where once loved sorrow and sadness?

Do you know what its like to fully at peace and made whole by his molding hands ?

Do you know what its like to have a father longing for your voice, awaiting your embrace?

Do you know what its like to have a jealous protector willing to risk his life for yours?


Because he set my heart on fire! He has set my soul on fire!

My heart jumps for joy to say:

He has given me all my heart could desire!

He has given me all i ever could ask  for!

I will never be who i was, now that i know you!

Forever I’m thankful and I can’t wait to show you.

That I’m jumping and shouting, singing and dancing to lift your name higher,

because you have set my heart on fire! You have set this soul on fire!

Thank you father for your love and thank you for the cross,

Hallelujah, for you’ve set my heart on fire for Jesus!

What Has Been Seen

What Has Been Seen, Cannot Be Unseen

(This is a non rhyming poem I wrote, based on an image I had one day.  Feel free to listen to the lovely music as you read. )


I am cowering in a corner, broken, wounded and petrified.

Tired from fighting, I have nothing left, all I can do is hide away.

But than I  saw me in the midst of a battle, fallen soldiers and debris all surround.

I was dressed in thick armor but it wasn’t my own,
Then I saw strength emanating from within my belly pouring, soaring out through me. Filling my armor with strength making it impenetrable.
Creating a shield of protection around me that no one can penetrate.

Now I see myself concealed within an empty dark mountain.

“The dead are coming back to life.” I hear.
I see myself on the floor, instantly I am engulfed with diamonds of light embalming me.
Until all that is seen is bright blinding light, bursting forth from my entire being.

I see a butterfly fluttering over piano keys creating a lush melody.
I see this butterfly in the cave.
I see myself now standing on this mountain, the clouds part and the night sky fills with dazzling stars.
Bright, beautiful and overwhelming in their perfection,
Both beauty and magnitude, join hands.

The mountain rises up into the sky.

I rise and I rise.

I am in space among the stars,

I am dancing and shining bright with light and life.
I am clothed in a white flowing gown.
Light blasts out from within,

I reach my hand up and light streams forth spanning the vastness of space and time.
There is nowhere my light can not reach.

  There is nowhere my light can not reach.

I am a star, dancing in the heavens.

I am a star, dancing in the heavens…. I am home.

The Dark Days Club: Book Review

Dark Days Club: score 4.5

Recommended if you like historical fiction, mysteries, demon hunters, secret societies, murders & intelligent heroines. It’s set in the 1800’s & is in the style of Jane Austen, but there’s not that much romance in it. The writing is excellent, the world building is richly detailed & the mythology is creative. The heroine is a lovable blend of courage, compassion, intelligence & spunk… she even makes her own decisions! (Which is a refreshing change from typical YA females.) The downside to this captivating novel, is its slow pace & long length.

These Shallow Graves: Book Review

These Shallow Graves: score 4

Recommended if you like Historical fiction set in the late 1800’s, young love and murder mysteries that are full of surprises. The MC is a wealthy, naive & brave teen about to be married off, who decides to play detective so she can learn more about her fathers death. She becomes an impressive and strong willed heroine as she fights back, thinks for herself and rebels against gender roles for women.

Although the plot seemed convenient at times, this Nancy Drew like adventure is compelling, exciting and fun! While the 1st half is a bit slow, the 2nd half is where it truly shines!


Out Of The Easy: Book Review

Out Of The Easy: score 4.5

Recommended if you like inspiring and slow paced historical dramas. Starring a strong willed Heroine, you’ll constantly be rooting for. The MC is easy to connect with, because she’s a relatable and intelligent outsider desperate to escape. There is romance and a love triangle, but it’s not overwhelming.

The side characters are likable and colorful. And there’s plenty of funny dialogue too. Also the description of New Orleans is truly mythical & well written. On the downside it doesn’t quite feel fleshed out enough & feels robotic & formulated at times….. But overall, It’s a moving & touching drama about the resilience of the human spirit.


Cruel Beauty and Gilded Ashes: Book Review

Cruel Beauty: score 4.5

Recommended if you like fantasy, romance & fairytales. This is one of the best retellings of Beauty & the Beast! (It also takes some inspiration from Rumpelstiltskin.)

It’s a creepy, unique & bewitching tale about a girl forced to wed the Demon Lord. It’s entertaining, clever & filled with enough magic to captivate. The heroine is delightfully fierce & feisty. And the Demon Lord, with his wonderfully wicked sense of humor, is so much more than he seems. *swoon* It’s main flaw is that the ending is kinda confusing.

Gilded Ashes: score 4, is not your typical Cinderella retelling! It’s a short novella (which also involves the demon lord) that is just as enchanting, eerie & full of the same mythology as Cruel Beauty.

And remember “All Magic Comes With A Price.


The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender: Book Review

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender: Score 4

Recommended if you like magical realism and coming of age novellas. This is a bittersweet tragedy, that’s deeply atmospheric and has a rich, lyrical prose. It deals with themes of love, abuse, death, heartbreak & recovery with poignancy & tangible feeling.

However it Isn’t just about Ava, 50% of it is about the strange & fascinating lives of Ava’s mom & grandma. So there isn’t a clear plot-line & it meanders at a slow pace that feels rather aimless for the 1st half. Rather than having dialogue or action scenes, it’s mostly vivid & intriguing tangents about side characters. So if you’re a reader who’d rather just get to the meat of the story, this isn’t for you. But if your all about the atmosphere, prose & imagery, (like The Night Circus) then you’ll love this!

The women in Ava’s life experience so many much, and is a beautiful reminder of the fragility of the heart and it’s amazing capacity to endure and march on. From the  irresistible allure of forbidden love, the infatuation and desires of young love to reckless, dangerous obsession, then to the heart-stoping pain of heartbreak. And from the gut wrenching loss of betrayal, the agony of losing a loved one,  to the longing for freedom and the devastation of sexual abuse. These women’s lives are full of deep sorrow, but there stories are told in such a way that its resoundingly poignant,  beautiful and moving.

*Spoiler alert * If reading about a brutal & heartbreaking rape makes you very uncomfortable, you may not want to read this.