Tori In Wanderland

I’m Tori and this is my place.

A place where I can share the comings and goings in my life.

A place where I share my short stories and poetic notions.

I have always loved to read. I have the fondest memories of childhood, spending the summer with a stack of books from the library.  I write a lot of book reviews  books here, on Instagram and Goodreads.

I want this place to inspire and challenge others to new ways of thinking. Sometimes I get pessimistic, this blog challenges me to think and write like an optimist.

Make life an adventure! I love to explore and discover new places,  I might even write about those places here.  I never can seem to get enough.

I am a dreamer and a visionary.  Head in the clouds, always dreaming.

I sometimes make Vlogs on my youtube account and then post them here.

I am working on opening a bookish Etsy shop called WanderlandCA, it’s a work in progress.