Wonder As You Wander

So I started this blog not just to provoke and inspire others, but to inspire myself.¬† I don’t want to let my past experiences keep me from living life to its fullest. It sounds cheesy, but its so true.

Sometimes we let our past circumstances dictate our future. Sometimes our pain causes us to cease living. One of the greatest¬† tragedies I’ve faced was that I let fear and pain stop me from living. I stopped thriving, and was simply surviving. That’s why I love the idea of being like a child. Before the painful experiences. Before the hurt and fear found a permanent place to reside in me. I want to go back to when I was just happy to be alive, instead of afraid to step outside of my comfort zone.

You see there is an important difference between being childish, and childlike.

To be childish is often used in a derogatory way when someone acts, infantile, selfish, immature, impatient, demanding, foolish, irrational or petty.

To be childlike means to have the good qualities of a child. To be innocent, trusting, eager, open-hearted, optimistic, hopeful for the impossible, full of wonder, wide eyed with enthusiasm, genuine and honest.

I want to be that child who lived in wonder. Who loved unconditionally and unguarded. Who was always expecting good things to happen. Who threw caution to the wind and followed her dreams at any cost. I want to live life like the child I once was.

  I aim to be a child at heart.

And to never forget to wonder as I wander