Silent Refrain

Broken… broken… broken,

What do we do when our hearts are broken?
How do we mourn?
How do we heal?                                                                                                                  Does anyone really truly know?

They say time heals all wounds..
That my dear, is a lie.
Time does nothing but dull the ache and numb the sensations..

But time does NOT heal.
Time may seal all wounds, and in it’s wake  leave a fragile angry scar,
but it does not heal all wounds.

Pain… Pain… pain, so much pain I have endured.
I am drowning in sorrows, I am drowning in silence. I’ve closed my eyes, blot it out. Shut it out.

How can I look at you?

Betrayal… betrayal… betrayal, everywhere. It’s everywhere I go, It’s all around me.
Heart breaks a little, with each betrayal. I am surrounded by vultures,  by wolves who seek to devour. To leave me for dead.

Who was I before them? How did I get here?                                                     How was my heart so innocently trusting?
Who was I before betrayal, and who am I now?                                         And why does my traitorous heart continue to love?

Freedom… freedom… freedom, my heart leaps at the word freedom! I may have settled, I may have resigned, but I still hear Freedom’s sweet refrain calling my name.
It is my dearest escape,

it is a beacon of hope, the only thing left I can cling to, my mantra.

It is my saving grace.

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