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My Youtube videos!

Vlog: Christmas 2014

This Christmas was a lot of fun, I spoiled my husband with way more gifts than he was used to, and he loved it! We both had such a great time spending Christmas morning with the Walker family and then dinner with my siblings.  Unfortunately my phone camera wasn’t working well, so I wasn’t able to capture very much, and the quality is pretty poor. But for those of you who want to know what you missed… here you go!!

VLOG: Thanksgiving 2014

So this year  was our first Thanksgiving without the rest of the family. And it was also our first experience cooking a turkey, which ended up being a lot harder than we expected. We made everything from scratch and it was delicious! But quite time consuming and the kids got really antsy! Thanks to Sabrina, Giovanni and Sophia for saving the day! Anyways I recorded as much as I could, to keep all of our missing family members updated.

-At the very end, you can’t hear it, but I am saying “Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!”

VLOG: from my Wedding

Here is a vlog from my wedding day! It kinda skips over the ceremony and goes straight to the reception. Thanks to the best man Matt Smith for taking the video and posting it on his  convincedbylove youtube account.