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Just linger for a moment and let your self dream and imagine.
This is where I post my abstract thoughts and musings.
This is for those who dream.
And those who dream, must create.
Be it art, music, ideas or writing. Learn to express your dreaming.
So keep your head in the clouds, keep creating, and most of all, keep dreaming on..

Why Write?

If you are wanting to write, but don’t know where to start,

Start by answering this question..

Why do YOU write?

I write to express what my mouth cannot say.

I write to envision a universe my eyes do not see.

I write to discover the extraordinary, my soul has yet to find.

I write to create what has yet exist, in a world full of limitations.

I write to escape the prying eyes, so I can let loose my tongue.

I write to give birth to my wonderings and what ifs.

I write to expose the lies taught, the illogical presumptions of society.

I write to unfold the revelations my mind cannot contain.

I write because I live,

because I dream,

because I wonder,

because I exist.

I write because, I’m me. And that is enough.



What Has Been Seen

What Has Been Seen, Cannot Be Unseen

(This is a non rhyming poem I wrote, based on an image I had one day.  Feel free to listen to the lovely music as you read. )


I am cowering in a corner, broken, wounded and petrified.

Tired from fighting, I have nothing left, all I can do is hide away.

But than I  saw me in the midst of a battle, fallen soldiers and debris all surround.

I was dressed in thick armor but it wasn’t my own,
Then I saw strength emanating from within my belly pouring, soaring out through me. Filling my armor with strength making it impenetrable.
Creating a shield of protection around me that no one can penetrate.

Now I see myself concealed within an empty dark mountain.

“The dead are coming back to life.” I hear.
I see myself on the floor, instantly I am engulfed with diamonds of light embalming me.
Until all that is seen is bright blinding light, bursting forth from my entire being.

I see a butterfly fluttering over piano keys creating a lush melody.
I see this butterfly in the cave.
I see myself now standing on this mountain, the clouds part and the night sky fills with dazzling stars.
Bright, beautiful and overwhelming in their perfection,
Both beauty and magnitude, join hands.

The mountain rises up into the sky.

I rise and I rise.

I am in space among the stars,

I am dancing and shining bright with light and life.
I am clothed in a white flowing gown.
Light blasts out from within,

I reach my hand up and light streams forth spanning the vastness of space and time.
There is nowhere my light can not reach.

  There is nowhere my light can not reach.

I am a star, dancing in the heavens.

I am a star, dancing in the heavens…. I am home.

The Woods

Here is  a short fictional story, that I hope nobody takes it too seriously…  It’s based off a a dream I had a while ago.


I took a walk inside my woods one day,
Where goodness, calm and peace may be,
But lo and behold, along the way.
A horrendous sight rose to meet me.
I looked up and saw a monstrous beast,
“I must be lost, these aren’t my woods,” said I
For looming there high above, threatening me,
was a bestial  tree, that had come to life.

I stared in horror at it’s crooked back
Bent, disfigured, but still whole.
And as Its roar turned the sky to black,
I felt it stare right thru my soul.
I heard it whisper in deadly tones,
“I have come to collect my fee!
For you surrendered to me long ago!”
Then I felt it’s ferocious pull within me.
I stared, frozen, for it didn’t lie,
And then the tree spoke again with a cruel grin,
“For many years you’ve buried my roots inside,
And now I will master you and rule from within.”
Then the dark within me that I’d been hiding from,
Burst forth with power and inside began to bloom
At that moment, I knew that I finally succumbed,
As the evil overthrew me and became my doom.

Free Write With Music

So I was listening to the first two songs on my favorite instrumental soundtrack and I wrote this. I hope it is encouraging and inspiring to someone!
Click the link to play the music, while you read.
Also if anyone is wanting to write and doesn’t know where to start, play some of your favorite instrumental music and just write whatever the music makes you feel or imagine. That is what I did. Happy writing!!

Go ahead, play the song.


The earth is dark and empty, the wind howls a song through the forlorn sky,

She is despairing over the horrible emptiness and darkness….

But when the trees hear her sing, they come alive and join in the song.

Then the flowers blossom and sing along in a joyful harmony!

Even the clouds wake up and remember how to sing.

When they join in the chorus, their voices match the sound of a thousand angels.

Then with the gusto of trumpets, the sun bursts forth in all its glory chasing the darkness away.
2nd song:

Hopelessness and heartbreak hang in the air, there is nothing but the stench of death covering the land.

But Hope comes in subtly, gently. As if  unsure of her welcome.
She proceeds cautiously.

“Let me sing a song for you, little ones,” she whispers.

She sings a resurrection song, it’s calling those that were killed in battle to come back to life.

“Come, back. Come back. Wake up.

Come back to me, awake!”

Hope graces it wings to soar, and roars to life. “WAKE UP!” she shouts.

The greatest moment is coming, an army of life is arising.

And still she sings her heart out, as if our lives depend on it.

She will never die. Death has no place where Hope lives.

Still the sadness and sorrow of death is not chased away, it lingers on, its hold is strong.

But Hope can never be conquered, so she sings on.

On and on she marches, over the battle field, singing and dancing to her lovely,
and awakening song.

It’s soothing, balming, refreshing, surrounding and holding everything together in its rightful place.

Hope is holding everything together.

She soothes the senses with radiance and warmth.

And it’s working!
They are waking up!

Her song continues on, and says,

“Let Hope grow,

Here I am!

I am Hope!

Let Hope take root and grow!

Let it raise you from your death.

Let it sink into your skin,

Let its warmth absorb into your frozen, hollow soul.

Let a single ray of hope fall into your heart.

Never let it leave you.

Hold fast.

It’s far too precious.

Let it linger on,

let it anchor you down.

Just hold onto me tightly!”

She sings over the slain.

“And remember that Hope always wins the battle.

Hope always wins.”

Hope brings the heart back to life.

It breathes life , as hearts start beating once more!

Her song is calling,

calling you back to life.

“Awake, and live!

Be alive!

Hope has won!

The battle is over, Hope has WON!


My Short Story: Perspectives


Here’s a fun writing exercise: Write a short story from three different perspectives


I had been camped out, waiting patiently for 5 hours. I was smelly, grumpy, cold and exhausted. So I asked him how much longer I had to stay here, because I was just too jet-lagged to stay awake. But instead of responding he ignored me. And that was the last straw. I couldn’t take this anymore. I snapped.

“Why do you always ignore me!? It’s like you purposely tune me out or something! I can’t take it anymore! You are driving me crazy!! You never listen to me!! Here I am helping and waiting patiently with you. Because I’ve come all this way to the the other side of the world to go searching for the Loc Ness Monster with you. And you won’t even acknowledge me?! Why the hell do I even bother trying to help you?! This is so stupid.” I stood up from my crouched position, where we were having our stake out. “I’m not doing this anymore! I wanna go home!” And without waiting for a reply, I spun a round and stomped off. Desperate to get away from the lake and towards my sweet escape, the fluffy bed at the hotel. “I’ll be at the hotel!” I called over my shoulder. “Have fun searching for Nessie alone, with out my help!” I took the car keys and jammed them into the ignition, preparing to drive off in a fury, when my phone rang and I got a text.


I had been watching for 5 hours waiting, searching, hoping vainly that I might catch a glimpse of her. The famous Nessie. You see I had been studying her all year and had convinced my girlfriend to come along with me. We were both tired and and sleepy, but pure fascination held me in place. I had to see her, I just had to! I had come all this way and was determined to be the one to get Nessie on camera. I strained my eyes staring at the lake for so long, that everything was starting to blur. But I was lost in the mission. Nothing else mattered. I thought I heard a voice from far away, but It wasn’t close enough to distract me from this moment. And at this precise moment, my jaw gaped wide open. This was it. She had come! Everything else faded away. I stared on in disbelief. Could my tired eyes be fooling me? Suddenly the other she started yelling at me “Why the hell do I even bother trying to help you?! This is so stupid.” She ranted on as she stood up. But I couldn’t turn away, I was transfixed. In awe, the moment I had been waiting for. “I’ll be at the hotel” I heard her voice calling to me. That brought me back to myself. Suddenly it hit me, like a ton of bricks.”Oh no, I forgot to turn my camera on!” I fumbled with my camera and started videotaping what I was watching. “Wait, did she say something about leaving?” I wondered to myself. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket with my free hand, and quickly sent her a text.  “Come now. It’s here.”


It had been a long day. A perfect day really. I had just finished napping at home. My stomach growled with ferocity and I decided it was time to have dinner. “What to eat? What to eat” I pondered to myself. “Duck sounds good. Hmm, yes I think duck would be just right.” I decided to first go for a swim, after all the lake was quiet and still and perfect. I leisurely swam up and down the lake, until I saw some lovely little ducks. “How delightful”, I thought to myself. I breached the surface aiming for the ducks. And in one swift motion, I gulped them down. “How perfectly delicious!!” But my satisfaction did not last. Suddenly I felt uneasy, as if someone was watching me. Then I heard a shrill, angry sounding voice. “I’m not doing this anymore! I wanna go home!” The strangers voice cried. I turned and looked in the direction of the voice. It was that moment, that I realized my folly. “Oh how stupid I have been!!” I thrashed my tail in fury against the waves and then quickly dove down back into the water. Today had started out so perfect and so right, that it had lulled me into carlesness. “How could I have let myself be seen?! And by a boy with a camera no less! Oh, I am in so much trouble! Mom will be furious when she finds out!!”



Go ahead and play the song while you read 🙂

It’s been such a mild winter this year, and I am so happy about that!! I am not at all a fan of winter, and I am definitely not a fan of the snow.  When I lived in Pollock Pines (a town close to Lake Tahoe) we would get buried in the snow. We had the longest winters there, the snow would fall from October until March. I HATE being cold, and tromping through the snow to get to the school bus really sucked. I dreaded the coming of winter and always prayed that maybe this year it wouldn’t come. But of course it always came with a vengeance. One winter day, as per usual I sat  by the fireplace content to listen to the crackling of the fire. And as the warmth of the fire began to lull me to sleep, something unusual happened. I looked out the window and found myself admiring the snow for the first time. Instead of being irritated by it, I found myself falling in love with its beauty. It seemed unearthly and magical and perfect. So still, so lovely and so pure. I found myself wishing at that moment that the world could stay that way forever.

And that is what inspired me to write this poem.


Brilliant bright snow falls, engulfing all that lies before it,

Snow blankets all that’s beneath, as the world becomes still.

All else has faded away, taken the form of snow itself.

I have seen these roads and homes long before the snowflakes made this place their bed,

It was ugly, it was dull, it was dark and full of dirt…

But now snow has fallen on this old town and transformed it into purity.

The scene before me now stands purely white, in shocking beauty.

And in perfect silence, as if in reverence of its shield of snow,

The snow continues to pour as if in determined purpose.

As if determined to cover all that was naked.

Enveloping all things, as far as my eye can see,

It rains down, until nothing is left untouched by snow.

And even then, it continues on!

Embracing every roof, every tree, every car.. gently embracing everything in its path.

The snow continues to fall,

in excess it spills over,

It piles up round the base and sides of everything that is exposed.

Finally the whiteness has wrapped the world in a protecting and comforting blanket.

And even then, the snow continues to fall..

Snow so white and glorious, it blinds my transfixed eyes.

The snow falls on, abounding in excess

What a privilege to behold its beauty!!

As snowfalls, compensating for our weakness

And covers our nakedness..

It whispers to me..

“Am I not a perfect example of the Father who pours himself out unreservedly over His children?”


(Image by Thomas Kinkade)

Love Denied

I wrote this after watching the English Patient one of my fave movies and after reading John Milton, one of my favorite writers. As I wrote this I sorta got lost in it, and at one point I didn’t even know what I was writing, the words just tumbled out. When it was finished I fell in love with what I had written.  Anyone else ever experienced this??


Does not love denied move the heart?

Love discovered, in time is lost,

Love half grown, yet ripped away!

Love wandering  deserts desperate for rest,

Does not the heart morn in wake of love?

Weep, as love blossoms in potential?

As hope graces its wings to soar.

Does love without its home become satisfied?

Does not love denied move the heart?

Love fulfilling, love adored,

Love denied, tho both desire…

Love ill timed, passions consuming!

Does not the heart leap at love unmet?

Does not sorrowful love embrace the soul?

As sorrows love becomes thy hearts delight

For love unwavering is unrequited.

Alas, how my heart does move for love denied.

The Life Of A Snail

Here is a poem I wrote;


I am alive, I am new,

I crawl over the soil propelled by curiosity.

I pave my very own trail.

I am unique.

I wander thru the autumn leaves on an adventure!

I am tender, I am vulnerable in every way

I am free to discover, to risk, to try.

I climb up a flower to revel in its beauty,

But I fall…

I am exposed to the brutality of the cold, unsympathetic ground.

I face the pain, without barrier

Who am I?

I am now bruised, And partially shattered.

So I slide inside this shell on my back.

Ahh, I am protected.

Therefore my wounds begin to heal,

I am finished, but my scar looms above me like a heavy gray cloud.

Hesitantly I leave my shell,

I am overjoyed to breathe the fresh air, and smell the lush green

grass, to see the beautiful, bright sky.

How I missed the feel of the warm soft earth beneath me!

So I continue my journey, deciding to follow a pre laid trail in hopes of avoiding disaster.

As I journey along the ground, a large figure looms ahead,

I am trusting…

I am young. I move towards it.

It screams at me, with a fierce threatening tone I don’t comprehend, and lunges at me in hunger.

I am afraid, I recoil inside my shell

Who am I?

It’s dark in here, complete silence.

I am safe, I am alone.

So I wait it out. Is it gone?

Days go by…

I am cramped in here, unable to grow,

I am suffocating.

Is it safe? I stick my head into the outside world, as fresh oxygen rushes into my lungs.

And back in I go, as paranoia sets in.

In the dark of night, I crawl out to find a meal,

I am famished, I am full. Back in I go.

Who am I now?

I hear the faint sound of an old friend,

But I don’t leave the shell, why?

I am taught by experience not to trust.

To avoid pain at all costs.

I am lonely and it’s soo dark in here..

Yet I am protected.

I paint a smile on the outside of my shell, to trick nature into believing I’m still outside.

Who am I?

I am molding, I am in hiding

These two worlds begin to collide.

I no longer know the difference.

There is no dividing line, it’s all blended into grey.

My skin is molding to fit my shell,

I am becoming just as calloused as the walls I hide behind.

We are one.

I begin to miss the sunshine, as hunger pangs overwhelm me.

I long to feel something, hear something, see something….anything!

Can anyone hear me?

I am lonely.

I am sabotaging my own efforts for freedom

I desire to feel life once more!

But oh the horrid things that might prevail against me are

enormously overwhelming.

I mustn’t leave.

In here, there is nothing new to discover, nothing to feel, only lifeless solitude.

My own solitude.

so I mustn’t leave this shell…

I don’t quite remember how I got in here,

It’s much too dark in here,

But, well……

my eyes have adjusted.

Who am I?

I am the human experience.


I think we all experience this on some level and although we learn a lot from the experiences, the pain and fear can keep us isolated. I want to give you all permission to come out of your shells, let your inner child come alive. Do something that normally scares you. Be brave and let your self live. And I mean really live! Do something that you have always dreamed of doing, but thought you could never do.