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Holy Spirit is always encouraging, and always inspiring.. if you can slow down enough to notice.

MOANA- Do you know who’s you are?

By now, most everyone and their kids have seen Moana, but if you haven’t, you should probably stop reading right now, as this contains a spoiler…




Ok, so if you’re still reading then you have seen the movie and remember the ending. You already know the most climactic part, where Moana returns the heart to Tefiti.

Well, as I was watching the ending the other day, the song really jumped out at me. It was as if Jesus himself, was singing the song to me.  Telling me the story of how He crossed time and space and traveled from death to life to find me. How He has been searching for me, to set me free and restore both my heart and soul. That He saw me when I was taken captive and saw me when my heart was crushed and my hope was stolen. He saw the enemy break my heart into a million pieces and knows how calloused and broken that made me. He saw it all, and doesn’t blame me for it! He knows my heart was stolen and that I was turned into something I never wanted to be. He holds none of it against me, He does not define me by what I’ve lost!

He does not define me by what I  became. He calls out to me saying, “don’t fall for the lie that this is who you are!  Because I see who is behind the calloused exterior, I see you for who I made you to be. I see who you truly are.”

So play the video and listen to the song as if Jesus were singing this directly to you. Then watch what happens once Tefiti surrenders and lets her heart be restored. She comes back to life; lush, beautiful and glorious. That is exactly what Jesus does inside of us.



“I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They have stolen the heart from inside you

But this does not define you
This is not who you are.

I know who you are.

Who you truly are.”


I saw my outstretched arm, it was weak, empty and  heavy. It barely had the strength to move on its own. But it was desperately trying lift itself.

Then I saw  the Holy spirit enter inside my arm. The POWER of the Holy spirit began to inhabit my veins.

As this powerful being pulsed through my arm, I realized I now had strength. And suddenly  the power in my blood, lifted my arm like a puppet. And caused me to surge forward, reach out and lay hands on the sick.

At the same time, I saw the enormous and healing hand of God meet me where my hands landed. And cover my hands with his.

And out of this union, many were healed.

God wants to heal people!! Hurray! We don’t have to pray hard enough, to make it happen. He does it! Even though he doesn’t need us to do it, He meets us there, when we step out!

The Lioness

The Lioness

When you hide, when you run away,
When you fall, and hide your face
I will chase you down, like a lion.
But not like a hunter chasing its prey,
I will chase you down in a different way,
I will chase you down like a lion.
like a lioness mother after her cub,
like a jealous protector I will scoop you up.

I will chase you down.

I will always chase you down.


My Psalms

You’re the only name on my lips


You’re the only place that I fit


You’re the only name that I can call on


You’re the only grace that I can fall on

All you have you give, you hold nothing back


You held nothing back, so for you I live


So for you I give all that I have


I will hold nothing back



 You’re the only hope on which I stand


You’re the only home I’ll ever have


You’re the only trust thru my sorrows


You’re the only love whom I follow


You’re the only light that shines evermore


You’re the only life that’s worth dying for


I am not worthy and yet you call me your own


I owe every breath to you, I owe you my life



The Creator became the created.


The righteous became condemned


The breathe of life became death


The lawful judge became grace


The King of glory took my place!

Little Lamb

Wrote this a few years ago, thought I would share it…

I am, a little lost lamb..

Alas, I am the lamb, you spoke of…..

the one continually drifting wayward.

I am the one, for whom you faithfully leave the herd.


You leave them all to find this lamb,

and guide me home, by your hand.

Yes I am the lamb you spoke of…

The one who always goes astray

A little lamb foolish and small, determined to go her own way.

Tho the shepherd may break my legs to confine

 His embrace restores me every time.


Again, i am the lamb you spoke of….

For once again I find myself lost,

lured just like a child, I have wandered far off.

I am caught in a trap set just for me.

“I am just a little lost lamb”, I say as I weep.





Softly he says

“tho you’ve gone astray,

Just turn to me, I’ll lead the way

Little lost lamb, a small task i give you

Just follow behind me, do as i do.

Submit to me, you’re servant I’m master

Trust that I won’t lead you to the slaughter.

Trust me because YOU ARE MY OWN

I am your faithful one, I AM YOUR HOME

ignore the world, ignore religion

Trust I’m the beginning and the ending.

And when when you feel like I am distant

because we have been walking silent…

Hold tight to my words, PRESS ON!

Walk where I walk, my precious one.

Do not move to the right or the left,

for I alone know where to step.

If I don’t look, don’t look that way,

Only say the things I say.

Follow me little lamb, draw near

Do as I do, and have no fear.

Little Lamb, I am your shepherd


Now when you come across lost sheep

You above all else must tell of me.

Tell of my love, tell of my freedom

Proclaim the forgiveness found in Jesus!”


I am the little Lamb you spoke of

unable to survive on her own.

easily lost, yet easily found and brought home

Happy am I to be this little lamb

For this little one, has the greatest shepherd in all the land.


John 10:11

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep


John 10:14

I am the Good shepherd. I know my own and my sheep know me.

On Fire

On Fire

Do you know what its like to have your heart set on fire?

Do you know what its like to have a loyal best friend who’s never left your side?

Do you know what its like to have love like an ocean surround you and pull you under?

Do you know what its like to have a God create your every cell, and plan a life for you to prosper?

Do you know what its like to be free from burdens and borders?

Do you know what its like to have joy overflow from your very core?

Do you know what its like to have life burst thru your dry bones?

Do you know what its like to have endless water fill your lonely  thirsty  soul?

Do you know what its like to be sure of your eternal destination?

Do you know what its like to have sin forgotten and guilt silenced?

Do you know what its like to  have rest where once loved sorrow and sadness?

Do you know what its like to fully at peace and made whole by his molding hands ?

Do you know what its like to have a father longing for your voice, awaiting your embrace?

Do you know what its like to have a jealous protector willing to risk his life for yours?


Because he set my heart on fire! He has set my soul on fire!

My heart jumps for joy to say:

He has given me all my heart could desire!

He has given me all i ever could ask  for!

I will never be who i was, now that i know you!

Forever I’m thankful and I can’t wait to show you.

That I’m jumping and shouting, singing and dancing to lift your name higher,

because you have set my heart on fire! You have set this soul on fire!

Thank you father for your love and thank you for the cross,

Hallelujah, for you’ve set my heart on fire for Jesus!

Lost Cause


Here is my confession:

2015 has been a really difficult year. Full of struggles and pain, and I spent most of the time, lost and bewildered as to what was going on.

I had lost hope in life and relationships

But, what I didn’t realize, was that I had actually given up on myself.

I had absolutely no hope for myself.

I considered myself a lost cause and had given myself up for dead. I was settled and resigned to live a life void of hope. A dead life.

A life that was void of LIFE.

I didn’t care anymore about how I looked,

I didn’t care about how I felt,

how relationships were going and I didn’t care about what I  was doing.

I just didn’t care anymore,

Or more accurately, I didn’t have the capacity or ability to care about anything anymore.

So, I just plodded along,

with no desire or hope for things to ever get better.

I settled for a life void of joy and purpose. And I didn’t even recognize how far I had fallen.

I was so resigned  and used to depression, that I really couldn’t see how beaten down I was.

I thought about death, as if it were something to look forward to

But then a ray of hope reached its hand out to me.

And it dawned on me…..  I am not a lost cause!

God has not given up on me.

And if he hasn’t given up on me, then  I don’t want to give up on me either!

God hasn’t lost hope for me.

I am not a lost cause.

God’s mercies are still waiting for me, even after all this time!

He looks at me with mercy and compassion and tenderness and has not abandoned me.

(Somehow, I was convinced that God had abandoned me)

But he has not lost hope for me,

and he does not condemn me, for being a wayward child.


There IS hope for me yet!

There is more life for me to live!

It’s not over!

After all this time God was still holding out for me,

waiting for me, waiting to give me a 500th chance.

Waiting to give it another go.

When I had lost hope for myself,

God didn’t!

When I stopped caring whether I lived or died.

He still cared!

When I thought all was lost.

He welcomed me in, with open arms.

Thank you Jesus!

I don’t deserve so many chances,

and I don’t  understand how your love can run so deep…

but thank you for carrying about the little things I care about.

Thank you, for never giving up on me!

“When the lord brought back the captive ones, we were like those who dreamed.

My mouth was full of laughter, and  joyful shouting,

I will sing among the nations, the Lord has done great things!!

the Lord has done great things for me!

I, who sowed in tears, now reap in joyful shouting!”


I wrote this a long time ago, it came to me out of the blue.  It was pretty much a Holy Spirit moment.

Freedom’s Song

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free indeed.

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free forever!

Because Freedom sings and freedom laughs,

Freedom jumps in freedom’s dance.

So dance, so dance, so dance in freedom!


And Freedom breathes and freedom roars,

and freedom flies, freedom soars.

It soars, it soars, it soars in freedom.


Freedom moves and it restores.

Freedom surrounds there is always more!

Take more, take more, take  hold of freedom!


Freedom fights, freedom won’t look back,

Freedom stands! And at evil laughs.

Our God, our God, is OUR freedom fighter!


Freedom loves, and freedom is grace,

Freedom is hope and freedom is faith!

All things, His things, are found in freedom!


Freedom dwells, and freedom lives,

We live in a cloud of freedom that never ends!

It’s thick, we’re thick, we’re thick with freedom.


We overflow, we are saturated!

We can not escape it!

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free indeed!

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free forever!


There is an ocean of freedom washing away the chains.

The chains that once bound your feet,

the chains that gather round your neck.

Those chains are being washed away in freedom!!


Hallelujah, the chains, the ties that bind,

the lies that hide, can no longer hide!

For Freedom moves, it comes like a warrior,

Declaring freedom now and forevermore!

Here HE comes with His sword, carrying freedom bold!

Distributing in abundance! Here He comes! Take hold!!

He is giving freedom! Handing it out to those who ask,

There is enough to go around, reach out your hands…

Because freedom lives, it’s here.


Take hold! Take hold! Take ALL of freedom!

There is more than enough, enough for everyone.


Freedom won’t leave you where you are,

It won’t leave you with chains around your heart,

Come dance, and dance in the promise of His freedom!

God’s heart is that all would be free, not just some.

No captives!

No prisoners!

No one left behind!

You will not be left behind. Freedom will find you in the end.

Freedom will fight for you.

For HE comes.. a mighty, mighty force,

bringing freedom; freely He gives, freely He pours!


He tears down the walls with power and might!

He throws over the tables, throws out the lies.

He comes to battle to win! And destroys the enemies camp,

Woe to the devil, his prisoners are being taken back!

God is gathering the prisoners, here He comes!!

Our mighty lion! against Him, nothing stands up,

Against our God, the enemy scatters and stops fighting,

They flee like bugs …  and we can come out of hiding!!

Freedom has found us!Freedom has found us!

Our deliverer is here!! Our warrior, OUR JESUS!

We who where hunted, prisoners, and captives, our rescue has come!

So rejoice refugees, rejoice captives, rejoice prisoners, rejoice in your freedom!!

Heart of Joy

A Psalm: My heart blossoms and overflows with joy!

Hallelujah to my GOD!

God of grace, abundantly giving Peace.

Pouring out joy, joy, joy, I am so full of joy!


My heart overflows, I can not contain this feeling.

My heart leaps from my chest saturated with joy, shouting.

I have joy, come one and all, come far and wide.

Come and know this joy inside!

I’m full to the brim, I overflow in abundance and couldn’t ask for more!

I am whole and free, nothing holds me back…. watch as I soar.

Watch, as I sing of the untainted joy I know, the joy I love.

that no man can steal and no one can crush!!”

Sustaining joy emanates from within…

“Look! draw near, draw near my friends!

I am beating with joy, see for yourself,

watch as I melt….

into the hands of joy.


Once I knew sorrow, once I knew pain,

I was burdened down by weights so heavy, I fell crumpled and slain.

Once I was hopeless, empty, weary, and defeated.

But now my heart knows joy, and has again started beating!

Thank you my God, thank you my love,

You removed my cloud of despair and lifted me up!

Now I am a heart who  knows joy, I must smile, I must laugh,

I must sing,  praise be to the father! And unto the Lamb!!!

I am set free, and I am the Victor!

watch as life anew springs up like a river!

…But Of your grace, what can I say? Words can’t compare!

For if my sins are an ocean, your grace is the air.

The Spirit Of God Is Upon Me

Here is a poem I & and Holy spirit wrote a few years back.


The spirit of god is upon me

That I am blessed among men now I see!

I am a nobody and yet I have Gods favor

I am lovingly desired by the one and only creator

Rejoice rejoice! I am blessed beyond words,

For I am given far more than I deserve!

Who am I that you have called me to walk in your ways

Who am I that you chose to bathe me in grace……


Like Moses I cannot speak, like Isaiah you will fill my mouth,

Like Joshua I am young, and like Samuel you have called me out.

Like Jeremiah I am shocked you’d use a nobody like me,

Like Mary I will store this promise in my heart quietly.


Like Elisha you’re my defender, like Hosea your love is redeeming power,

Like Gideon you see my fear and yet, call me “Mighty one of valor!”

Like Habakkuk I’m on high places, like Daniel you speak in my dreams,

And like David when I at last take a stand, you always stand up with me!!


Like Esther you’ll give boldness, like Samson power to overcome,

Like Peter I stumble and fall, yet you reach out to pull me up.

Like Hannah you hear my prayers and remember me when time is come.

Like John on the isle of Patimos I know the battle is already won!


Like Saul I am a sinner, like Paul I am given a brand new name,

Like Elijah you move on my behalf, like Israel I am saved!!!

Like Lazarus I’m brought to life, like Abraham I am blessed..

And like Enoch you guide me by the hand into your eternal rest!

. ..

So Hallelujah, The Spirit of THE LORD GOD is upon me too!