MOANA- Do you know who’s you are?

By now, most everyone and their kids have seen Moana, but if you haven’t, you should probably stop reading right now, as this contains a spoiler…




Ok, so if you’re still reading then you have seen the movie and remember the ending. You already know the most climactic part, where Moana returns the heart to Tefiti.

Well, as I was watching the ending the other day, the song really jumped out at me. It was as if Jesus himself, was singing the song to me.  Telling me the story of how He crossed time and space and traveled from death to life to find me. How He has been searching for me, to set me free and restore both my heart and soul. That He saw me when I was taken captive and saw me when my heart was crushed and my hope was stolen. He saw the enemy break my heart into a million pieces and knows how calloused and broken that made me. He saw it all, and doesn’t blame me for it! He knows my heart was stolen and that I was turned into something I never wanted to be. He holds none of it against me, He does not define me by what I’ve lost!

He does not define me by what I  became. He calls out to me saying, “don’t fall for the lie that this is who you are!  Because I see who is behind the calloused exterior, I see you for who I made you to be. I see who you truly are.”

So play the video and listen to the song as if Jesus were singing this directly to you. Then watch what happens once Tefiti surrenders and lets her heart be restored. She comes back to life; lush, beautiful and glorious. That is exactly what Jesus does inside of us.



“I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They have stolen the heart from inside you

But this does not define you
This is not who you are.

I know who you are.

Who you truly are.”

Why Write?

If you are wanting to write, but don’t know where to start,

Start by answering this question..

Why do YOU write?

I write to express what my mouth cannot say.

I write to envision a universe my eyes do not see.

I write to discover the extraordinary, my soul has yet to find.

I write to create what has yet exist, in a world full of limitations.

I write to escape the prying eyes, so I can let loose my tongue.

I write to give birth to my wonderings and what ifs.

I write to expose the lies taught, the illogical presumptions of society.

I write to unfold the revelations my mind cannot contain.

I write because I live,

because I dream,

because I wonder,

because I exist.

I write because, I’m me. And that is enough.