I saw my outstretched arm, it was weak, empty and  heavy. It barely had the strength to move on its own. But it was desperately trying lift itself.

Then I saw  the Holy spirit enter inside my arm. The POWER of the Holy spirit began to inhabit my veins.

As this powerful being pulsed through my arm, I realized I now had strength. And suddenly  the power in my blood, lifted my arm like a puppet. And caused me to surge forward, reach out and lay hands on the sick.

At the same time, I saw the enormous and healing hand of God meet me where my hands landed. And cover my hands with his.

And out of this union, many were healed.

God wants to heal people!! Hurray! We don’t have to pray hard enough, to make it happen. He does it! Even though he doesn’t need us to do it, He meets us there, when we step out!