My Lady Jane: Book Review

My Lady Jane, score 4.

This novel is  historical fiction that is part romance, part fantasy, part adventure & totally ridiculous. Set in medieval times, this is the untold, untrue story of the 9 day Queen of England, Known as Lady Jane.

Imagine if The Princess Bride were mashed with Jane Austen and My Lady Jane is what you’ll get.

This unexpectedly amusing novel is hilarious in a subtle, quiet and weird way. And it’s full of wit, charm & outrageously silly dialogue.  However the pacing is off, sometimes slowly dragging and other times speeding along. And while this may seem somewhat predictable and the plot is nothing new, it’s really recommended to those who don’t take things too seriously & those who adore lighthearted silly spoofs.



The Girl on The Train: Book Review

The Girl on The Train, score 3.5

Recommended for those who like suspenseful murder mysteries with a frightening twist. This novel tells the intense story of 3 well written, believably selfish & totally screwed up women.

While this is creepier than Gone Girl, it’s not quite as good. So ignore the hype & lower your expectations and you will probably enjoy this page turner!

However if you’re more of a cynic (like me) then read on;

I personally found this novel to be dull, slow paced, easily predictable & really not that interesting.

Also all the male characters feel forced, unrealistic & unexplained. I mean really…. all the men in this book are portrayed as villainous and acting impulsive and irrational, treating others unfairly with little explanation as to why. And yet the women are written to be flawed, self absorbed assholes, and yet their behavior is constantly explained pr justified. That really irritated me.

I will admit the twist at the end, was surprising, thrilling and frightening, but is it really worth it to read a book where the 2/3rds of it are tediously boring, just for a shocking twist and hurried explanation at the end?




Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Book Review

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, book review

I never thought the day would come, when J.K. Rowling starts writing about Harry Potter again! But that day is finally here!

And after reading the much awaited 8th book, here is my review.

First off, I loved it! It was so fun learning more about Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco. (Sadly no Luna though!) And their kids are freaking adorable. Long live Scorpus! However I did notice  a few plot holes & felt like  my beloved characters seemed to be a caricature of their former selves, and overall lacking in depth.

The worst part about this book though, is the format! Just in case you didn’t know, this was written as a play. Which makes the dialogue confusing & sometimes hard to interpret. In a play, normally the actor would clarify meaning through use of gestures, tone, facial expressions during the dialogue, and sadly we get none of that. Most of this book is dialogue and is focused on relationships, which means the reader is constantly  reading between the lines and guessing a their  meanings.

I kept asking myself, did Rowling really write this? Because it feels more like fan fiction, than anything else!

While the story doesn’t seem to cover much new ground, opting instead to time travel back through the previous books, (which is pretty cool) it is really a rather fun whirlwind, that’s entertaining, magical, surprising& nostalgic. And it should be taken for what it is…. our last chance to get sucked back into the wonderful world of Harry Potter!


I’m so happy Rowling temporarily threw Snape back in! I didn’t realize how much I missed that guy! I was totally cheering when he showed up!!

Also anyone else disappointed that Cedric became a death eater! i just don’t see it….

And  is anyone else confused by  the idea that Bellatrix had a kid? How is it that nobody noticed her giant pregnant belly, during the last 2 books? How could she have hidden that? With magic? And also how did she manage to give birth and then get out of bed and go fight at the battle of Hogwarts?! I mean really, most women can’t even stand after giving birth…

Fail spectactularly

Most people are afraid of failure and afraid of change.  We are afraid to try anything new, or step outside of our comfort zones. So we settle, we get used to things as they are. We choose the easy road, and surrender to our circumstances.  We choose not to fight, not to risk, and choose the path of less resistance.

But deep down inside, we know we desire something better. Something more.  Because somewhere deep inside us there’s a fire, that  burns with fiery passion. Our souls long to do something, or be someone, but we’re too afraid to answer the call.

Why are we afraid to try?

We’re afraid of failing, afraid of making mistakes, afraid of being laughed at, of being scolded. We’re afraid of stepping out, and changing  what we are used to. Afraid of leaving our predictable, controllable lives.  And sometimes were afraid of disappointing those close to us. So we stay where we are. We try to convince ourselves that we like what we’re doing. We lie to ourselves, so well that we don’t even know that we’re doing it. We do it so often that we don’t even recognize the sound of our hearts screaming, “Set me free! I’m dying in here!” We smother our dreams, we bury our passions and ignore our what our heart desperately longs to do.

Don’t let fear of failure crush your passion and stifle your hearts. Don’t let your soul wither away because you’re afraid to follow your dreams. It might seem like that fear of failure is protecting you, keeping you from making a fool of yourself. But if the cost is letting your soul’s deepest desire wither away, then its not worth it!!

Here’s what I’ve learned…that failure, actually isn’t something to fear. Sure, it can be scary as we go through it, but it isn’t something we should shy away from.

How can you stop fearing failure?  By  changing  your mindset.    (After all fear is really all in your head.)
Here are some examples of people who failed terribly and were able to pick themselves back up and keep going. Hopefully they inspire and encourage you to never give up!

• Oprah was fired from her first job as a TV anchor in Baltimore…. And look at her now, she’s a star, and everyone knows her name.

• Thomas Edison’s teachers said that he was “too stupid to learn anything.” But he kept learning and inventing. Then he failed 1,000 times trying to invent the light bulb! But he didn’t give up, until he got it right. He kept trying until he finally got that dang light bulb to work! Thanks Thomas! Electricity is awesome.

• Winston Churchill actually failed the sixth grade! Then he was defeated every time he ran for public office, it took him until he was 62 to actually get elected! And  then he pretty much saved the United kingdom by keeping it from falling apart during the war.  Would the UK have survived the war, if Winston had given up and stopped running for office?

• Dr Seuss had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers. 27 different companies that that what he wrote was garbage, and not profitable. Who knew?

• J.K. Rowling was a broke, divorced single mother trying to write her first novel, while studying in school. She often felt depressed and thought of herself as a failure. And now, well, now she’s insanely rich and successful.

• Van Gough only ever sold one painting in his lifetime, it wasn’t until he died that anyone took any interest in his art. Poor Van Gough… but he didn’t quit, he kept on painting.

• Walt Disney was fired because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Then he started a business, but failed and had to file bankruptcy. But he kept trying, and didn’t give up on his dreams! And now we all have Walt to thank for some of our greatest childhood memories.

• Abraham Lincoln was demoted from captain to private, in the military and his businesses failed several times. He even ran for office and was defeated several times! And of course now he has a giant monument dedicated in his honor in D.C. and is the most celebrated President  America has ever had.

The point is this, everyone one  fails, but successful people are the ones who take responsibility, learn from their  mistakes and then keep going! They keep setting goals and striving to reach them no matter, how often they fall. They use there mistakes as an opportunity to try it a different way, and understand that failure is a really useful learning experience.  Successful people don’t avoid failure, they embrace it! Because they know that failure is the most powerful teacher.

If all the worlds a stage, then let yourself soar, and don’t worry about who sees you fall. (Most people are too self absorbed to really keep track of everything you do anyways.)

So fail spectacularly! Fail with style! Let people wonder how you can be so strong that you bravely keep getting back up! And sure, there may be those who who think your foolish, for refusing to stay down. But just remember that you’ll prove em wrong in the end! Because your life is a stage, meant for soaring, falling, learning, trying and succeeding. Don’t let life pass you by, knowing you were too afraid to listen to your heart and follow your dreams.