I wrote this a long time ago, it came to me out of the blue.  It was pretty much a Holy Spirit moment.

Freedom’s Song

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free indeed.

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free forever!

Because Freedom sings and freedom laughs,

Freedom jumps in freedom’s dance.

So dance, so dance, so dance in freedom!


And Freedom breathes and freedom roars,

and freedom flies, freedom soars.

It soars, it soars, it soars in freedom.


Freedom moves and it restores.

Freedom surrounds there is always more!

Take more, take more, take  hold of freedom!


Freedom fights, freedom won’t look back,

Freedom stands! And at evil laughs.

Our God, our God, is OUR freedom fighter!


Freedom loves, and freedom is grace,

Freedom is hope and freedom is faith!

All things, His things, are found in freedom!


Freedom dwells, and freedom lives,

We live in a cloud of freedom that never ends!

It’s thick, we’re thick, we’re thick with freedom.


We overflow, we are saturated!

We can not escape it!

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free indeed!

Who the son sets free is free indeed, is free, is free forever!


There is an ocean of freedom washing away the chains.

The chains that once bound your feet,

the chains that gather round your neck.

Those chains are being washed away in freedom!!


Hallelujah, the chains, the ties that bind,

the lies that hide, can no longer hide!

For Freedom moves, it comes like a warrior,

Declaring freedom now and forevermore!

Here HE comes with His sword, carrying freedom bold!

Distributing in abundance! Here He comes! Take hold!!

He is giving freedom! Handing it out to those who ask,

There is enough to go around, reach out your hands…

Because freedom lives, it’s here.


Take hold! Take hold! Take ALL of freedom!

There is more than enough, enough for everyone.


Freedom won’t leave you where you are,

It won’t leave you with chains around your heart,

Come dance, and dance in the promise of His freedom!

God’s heart is that all would be free, not just some.

No captives!

No prisoners!

No one left behind!

You will not be left behind. Freedom will find you in the end.

Freedom will fight for you.

For HE comes.. a mighty, mighty force,

bringing freedom; freely He gives, freely He pours!


He tears down the walls with power and might!

He throws over the tables, throws out the lies.

He comes to battle to win! And destroys the enemies camp,

Woe to the devil, his prisoners are being taken back!

God is gathering the prisoners, here He comes!!

Our mighty lion! against Him, nothing stands up,

Against our God, the enemy scatters and stops fighting,

They flee like bugs …  and we can come out of hiding!!

Freedom has found us!Freedom has found us!

Our deliverer is here!! Our warrior, OUR JESUS!

We who where hunted, prisoners, and captives, our rescue has come!

So rejoice refugees, rejoice captives, rejoice prisoners, rejoice in your freedom!!

Heart of Joy

A Psalm: My heart blossoms and overflows with joy!

Hallelujah to my GOD!

God of grace, abundantly giving Peace.

Pouring out joy, joy, joy, I am so full of joy!


My heart overflows, I can not contain this feeling.

My heart leaps from my chest saturated with joy, shouting.

I have joy, come one and all, come far and wide.

Come and know this joy inside!

I’m full to the brim, I overflow in abundance and couldn’t ask for more!

I am whole and free, nothing holds me back…. watch as I soar.

Watch, as I sing of the untainted joy I know, the joy I love.

that no man can steal and no one can crush!!”

Sustaining joy emanates from within…

“Look! draw near, draw near my friends!

I am beating with joy, see for yourself,

watch as I melt….

into the hands of joy.


Once I knew sorrow, once I knew pain,

I was burdened down by weights so heavy, I fell crumpled and slain.

Once I was hopeless, empty, weary, and defeated.

But now my heart knows joy, and has again started beating!

Thank you my God, thank you my love,

You removed my cloud of despair and lifted me up!

Now I am a heart who  knows joy, I must smile, I must laugh,

I must sing,  praise be to the father! And unto the Lamb!!!

I am set free, and I am the Victor!

watch as life anew springs up like a river!

…But Of your grace, what can I say? Words can’t compare!

For if my sins are an ocean, your grace is the air.

Which Hawaiian Island is best?

Can’t decide which island to go to?

Trying to plan your trip but don’t know where to start?

Wondering which Hawaiian Island is best?

Well that depends on what you are looking for.

Your answer must first  have the right questions.

So ask yourself, what kind of vacation did you have in mind?

And what kind of Hawaiian experience are you looking to get out of your trip?

  1. Oahu

If you love the big city, Oahu may be the place for you! Most people say it’s a lot like L.A. Great beaches and tons of shopping! However if you are imagining a lush and beautiful authentic looking Hawaiian Island, this is NOT the place for you. Some of the locals refer to Oahu as the concrete Island, which is perfect for mega city lovers. So f you wish there was a giant city with nice beaches too, this may be the island for you! Hotel prices will vary.


2. Maui

If you like the city, but want to go somewhere that actually feels authentically Hawaiian, then I suggest Maui. It is a smaller island but, Maui is the best of both worlds. Lahaina is beautifully scenic, and luxurious. The hotels here are right along the beach. And  there are lots of hotels with different price ranges. The one I stayed at was The Hyatt. It had its own mega pool, swim up bar, grocery store, restaurants, wild birds and last but not least penguins! They also have a pretty cool Luau and buffet on site. Front Street in Lahaina has great shopping right along the beach. You could spend every day there and not get bored. You can check out Maui’s famous monster tree, which is a giant banyan tree. Also there are gelato shops, juice bars and Hawaiian ice stands everywhere, so do not miss these! They are  yummy! You can also sign up here for some outdoors excursions, like scuba diving, snorkeling, zip lining, cruises and submarines to ride.  Depending when you go  The Whalers Village Shopping Center often times has live performances and events. Also they have a pretty interesting  museum, if you like Hawaiian history.  Also  the food here is Wonderful! My suggestion would be, Coconut Fish Cafe, Star Noodle and Merrimans. Don’t even waste your time at Bubba Gumps Shrimp, its overpriced and the food is not good. Also The accommodations here are somewhat expensive, but if you go in the off season, you can get some really good deals!

Outside of Lahaina there is a pretty cool self guided aquarium. If you want to see more of the tropical side of Maui, you must take the road to Hana. It will take you to the other side of the island, which takes 3 hours to get there but it is worth it. Or you can really splurge and take a 45 min helicopter ride to get there. The road to Hanna will take you to the best the Waterfalls, bamboo forests, beaches, Parks, lookouts, fruit stands, and surfing. There is plenty to see and do here, including exploring the city of Hanna itself. This drive allows visitors to see more untouched version of Maui.  The beautiful lush scenery, the Keanae Arboretum and the many waterfalls along the way, make this drive a necessity for anyone looking to experience authentic Hawaii.


3. The Big Island

The main Island is the one that started it all, the one everyone’s heard of. This Island is what made Hawaii famous. It has pretty much everything Maui and Oahu have, plus more. You can even swim with the dolphins here and there is a giant volcano. It has pretty much everything you imagine it has, but it is expensive and at times crowded.


4. Kauai

Where do I start with Kauai? It is breathtakingly beautiful. It is known as the Garden Isle because it’s so lush and green! This island has more plants species than any of the other islands. And as such, it is home to three botanical gardens. Also Kauai is home to the famous Grand canyon of the Pacific.  Also do not miss the cliffs of the Napali coast. You can only see it by helicopter or by boat, but it’s worth it to take the time to see it! This island has plenty of great beaches, waterfalls, parks, restaurants and Hawaiian shaved ice stores and fruit stands.  And there is a mall, if you are in the mood to shop. Also the hotel prices here are pretty reasonable, but there are upscale hotels too for those who want to splurge!

This island is much less populated than the previous three, so you get more of an old fashioned vibe from this island. The inhabitants are mostly local and many of the restaurants are locally owned. So it feels more like a village then a city. Some of my favorite locally owned restaurants are Puka Dog and Bubba’s Burgers! Don’t miss those two, they are a must!

Kauai has several small towns that are fun to explore, and even the capital is a small city. There are plenty of activities and excursions just like all the other islands, but what makes Kauai special is its old time Hawaiian charm. Kauai is the perfect place to forget your worries and just decompress. So if you are looking for a place with a small town charm and an old school feel, Kauai is the island for you!


So there you have it.

What islands sounds most likely to fit your vacation criteria?

Or you could get wild, and visit all four of the main islands, just to decide for yourself!



The Spirit Of God Is Upon Me

Here is a poem I & and Holy spirit wrote a few years back.


The spirit of god is upon me

That I am blessed among men now I see!

I am a nobody and yet I have Gods favor

I am lovingly desired by the one and only creator

Rejoice rejoice! I am blessed beyond words,

For I am given far more than I deserve!

Who am I that you have called me to walk in your ways

Who am I that you chose to bathe me in grace……


Like Moses I cannot speak, like Isaiah you will fill my mouth,

Like Joshua I am young, and like Samuel you have called me out.

Like Jeremiah I am shocked you’d use a nobody like me,

Like Mary I will store this promise in my heart quietly.


Like Elisha you’re my defender, like Hosea your love is redeeming power,

Like Gideon you see my fear and yet, call me “Mighty one of valor!”

Like Habakkuk I’m on high places, like Daniel you speak in my dreams,

And like David when I at last take a stand, you always stand up with me!!


Like Esther you’ll give boldness, like Samson power to overcome,

Like Peter I stumble and fall, yet you reach out to pull me up.

Like Hannah you hear my prayers and remember me when time is come.

Like John on the isle of Patimos I know the battle is already won!


Like Saul I am a sinner, like Paul I am given a brand new name,

Like Elijah you move on my behalf, like Israel I am saved!!!

Like Lazarus I’m brought to life, like Abraham I am blessed..

And like Enoch you guide me by the hand into your eternal rest!

. ..

So Hallelujah, The Spirit of THE LORD GOD is upon me too!

Stop working and live life!

Sometimes we get so caught up working that we forget to just slow down and enjoy life.

(Unless you happen to be one of the few peoples who get to do what they love for work.) You are probably someone who just works to keep the bills paid.

Now, I would like to say thank you for doing your part to help make the world go round! Thank you for working hard and doing a good job.

However,  there is freedom the  unrelenting cycle of work.

You don’t have to strive so hard. Slow down and remember that we  are not what we do.

Don’t get lost in the never ending American lifestyle of work.

Yes It’s true, that we are lucky to be living in America where we can work and pursue our dreams. But sometimes I think we’ve got it backwards. We put too much emphasis on material things and forget to enjoy just being alive.

Americans are in such a mad rush all the time to get things done.  We are just so dang busy! Constantly working, trying to climb hirer and hirer.

We’re all trying to keep up. But keep up with who?

With the Jones of course! The fictional American family that has everything and does it all. The American Ideal.

We try so hard to have and do it all, that we forget to relax and really live our lives!

We are either busy working or totally exhausted. That’s why we Americans love entertainment! We are so burnt out by the end of the day/week. That we just want to be able to sit on the couch and be entertained. We want to forget about the exhaustion for a while, and be absorbed into someone else’s drama for a change.  We want to focus on a more glamorous, or exciting, or mysterious, or humorous life. So we can forget about our own.

But not everyone one lives like this. When I was overseas I was very surprised to see how different life can be. For example In Italy and Spain they take time for several long coffee breaks throughout the day.  And they are known for taking 2 hour or more lunch breaks!  These breaks are to relax, and unwind, not scarf down food so we can keep working. In Italy they don’t really care so much about what you do. The care about you as a person. Not you as the banker or artist, or waitress, teacher.

The you without your job. Who are you outside of your job?

Take time to cultivate the you, that you are outside of work.

Take time to really LIVE, because you only live once.

So, if you feel like you only exist to work, here are a couple of suggestions for you. 🙂

  • Take time to slow down. Literally, walk slowly and actually notice your surroundings.
  • Notice the beauty in the small things, that you normally don’t see.
  • Take time off from work, to do something peaceful and surround yourself with beauty. It calms the soul.
  • Find something or someone you love, and spend your time with them.  Let them remind you of what is important in life.
  • Turn OFF you cell phone, ipad, computer and T.V. and leave it off for a whole day!
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Resist the urge to spend all your free time on the internet.
  • Do something your inner child would have loved to do. Think back, did little you ever say, ” I cant wait to grow up, because then I can…”? Then do it! Fulfill that child’s dream.
  • Or, intentionally take time off work to do something with your kids that you normally wouldn’t do.
  • Pursue your long lost hobbies. Ones you gave up on, or feel you don’t have time for. Force yourself to try it again. You’re never too old!
  • Send a message to a long lost friend.
  • Or reach out to someone who is going through a hard time. Be encouraging to them.
  • Take the scenic way home from work today. Stop somewhere you’ve never been! Make it an adventure.
  • Say yes, to something you normally say no to.
  • Imagine that your life has a soundtrack. Then decide what yours would sound like.  What message would your soundtrack be conveying? If you don’t like that message, make it better!
  • If it’s a sunny day, go for a stroll or, lay down in the grass and stare at the clouds.
  • Even if it is a stormy day, go outside and admire the beauty of nature in storm mode. Take a deep breathe of the refreshingly, cold air. And  appreciate it for what it is.
  • Dream big dreams.
  • Never stop dreaming.
  • Do something just because someone said it was impossible.
  • Give someone a hug, and linger for a moment in their embrace. Appreciate that this person still exists.
  • Smile more!
  • Use your imagination and create something.
  • Cut down on your expenses, so you aren’t a slave to your job!
  • Reduce, and reuse to save money.
  • Use your imagination and create something.
  • Go on a drive  with someone close to you and park somewhere that you can admire the stars. Contemplate whether or not there is life in a galaxy far, far away.
  • Treat yourself and get a relaxing massage!
  • Appreciate that you can still, walk, talk, see, taste and hear. Because not everyone can.
  • Then go eat some ice cream, just like a kid.
  • Give something to the less fortunate, it will remind you how lucky you are to be alive.
  • Force yourself out of your box and do something unusual!
  • Do something weird, just for the hell of it.
  • Be thankful that you have freedom. Use that freedom to do something you’ve never done. Tell your boss you’re sick today, then get out of the house and do something fun!
  • Smile and laugh for no reason at all. Let it confuse people.
  • Stop caring about what people think about you! It will set you free.
  • Dance and sing when your home alone.

Just remember,

Life is not about reaching a certain amount of moments, it is about a collection of moments where you have truly lived.