Free Write With Music

So I was listening to the first two songs on my favorite instrumental soundtrack and I wrote this. I hope it is encouraging and inspiring to someone!
Click the link to play the music, while you read.
Also if anyone is wanting to write and doesn’t know where to start, play some of your favorite instrumental music and just write whatever the music makes you feel or imagine. That is what I did. Happy writing!!

Go ahead, play the song.


The earth is dark and empty, the wind howls a song through the forlorn sky,

She is despairing over the horrible emptiness and darkness….

But when the trees hear her sing, they come alive and join in the song.

Then the flowers blossom and sing along in a joyful harmony!

Even the clouds wake up and remember how to sing.

When they join in the chorus, their voices match the sound of a thousand angels.

Then with the gusto of trumpets, the sun bursts forth in all its glory chasing the darkness away.
2nd song:

Hopelessness and heartbreak hang in the air, there is nothing but the stench of death covering the land.

But Hope comes in subtly, gently. As if  unsure of her welcome.
She proceeds cautiously.

“Let me sing a song for you, little ones,” she whispers.

She sings a resurrection song, it’s calling those that were killed in battle to come back to life.

“Come, back. Come back. Wake up.

Come back to me, awake!”

Hope graces it wings to soar, and roars to life. “WAKE UP!” she shouts.

The greatest moment is coming, an army of life is arising.

And still she sings her heart out, as if our lives depend on it.

She will never die. Death has no place where Hope lives.

Still the sadness and sorrow of death is not chased away, it lingers on, its hold is strong.

But Hope can never be conquered, so she sings on.

On and on she marches, over the battle field, singing and dancing to her lovely,
and awakening song.

It’s soothing, balming, refreshing, surrounding and holding everything together in its rightful place.

Hope is holding everything together.

She soothes the senses with radiance and warmth.

And it’s working!
They are waking up!

Her song continues on, and says,

“Let Hope grow,

Here I am!

I am Hope!

Let Hope take root and grow!

Let it raise you from your death.

Let it sink into your skin,

Let its warmth absorb into your frozen, hollow soul.

Let a single ray of hope fall into your heart.

Never let it leave you.

Hold fast.

It’s far too precious.

Let it linger on,

let it anchor you down.

Just hold onto me tightly!”

She sings over the slain.

“And remember that Hope always wins the battle.

Hope always wins.”

Hope brings the heart back to life.

It breathes life , as hearts start beating once more!

Her song is calling,

calling you back to life.

“Awake, and live!

Be alive!

Hope has won!

The battle is over, Hope has WON!


My Short Story: Perspectives


Here’s a fun writing exercise: Write a short story from three different perspectives


I had been camped out, waiting patiently for 5 hours. I was smelly, grumpy, cold and exhausted. So I asked him how much longer I had to stay here, because I was just too jet-lagged to stay awake. But instead of responding he ignored me. And that was the last straw. I couldn’t take this anymore. I snapped.

“Why do you always ignore me!? It’s like you purposely tune me out or something! I can’t take it anymore! You are driving me crazy!! You never listen to me!! Here I am helping and waiting patiently with you. Because I’ve come all this way to the the other side of the world to go searching for the Loc Ness Monster with you. And you won’t even acknowledge me?! Why the hell do I even bother trying to help you?! This is so stupid.” I stood up from my crouched position, where we were having our stake out. “I’m not doing this anymore! I wanna go home!” And without waiting for a reply, I spun a round and stomped off. Desperate to get away from the lake and towards my sweet escape, the fluffy bed at the hotel. “I’ll be at the hotel!” I called over my shoulder. “Have fun searching for Nessie alone, with out my help!” I took the car keys and jammed them into the ignition, preparing to drive off in a fury, when my phone rang and I got a text.


I had been watching for 5 hours waiting, searching, hoping vainly that I might catch a glimpse of her. The famous Nessie. You see I had been studying her all year and had convinced my girlfriend to come along with me. We were both tired and and sleepy, but pure fascination held me in place. I had to see her, I just had to! I had come all this way and was determined to be the one to get Nessie on camera. I strained my eyes staring at the lake for so long, that everything was starting to blur. But I was lost in the mission. Nothing else mattered. I thought I heard a voice from far away, but It wasn’t close enough to distract me from this moment. And at this precise moment, my jaw gaped wide open. This was it. She had come! Everything else faded away. I stared on in disbelief. Could my tired eyes be fooling me? Suddenly the other she started yelling at me “Why the hell do I even bother trying to help you?! This is so stupid.” She ranted on as she stood up. But I couldn’t turn away, I was transfixed. In awe, the moment I had been waiting for. “I’ll be at the hotel” I heard her voice calling to me. That brought me back to myself. Suddenly it hit me, like a ton of bricks.”Oh no, I forgot to turn my camera on!” I fumbled with my camera and started videotaping what I was watching. “Wait, did she say something about leaving?” I wondered to myself. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket with my free hand, and quickly sent her a text.  “Come now. It’s here.”


It had been a long day. A perfect day really. I had just finished napping at home. My stomach growled with ferocity and I decided it was time to have dinner. “What to eat? What to eat” I pondered to myself. “Duck sounds good. Hmm, yes I think duck would be just right.” I decided to first go for a swim, after all the lake was quiet and still and perfect. I leisurely swam up and down the lake, until I saw some lovely little ducks. “How delightful”, I thought to myself. I breached the surface aiming for the ducks. And in one swift motion, I gulped them down. “How perfectly delicious!!” But my satisfaction did not last. Suddenly I felt uneasy, as if someone was watching me. Then I heard a shrill, angry sounding voice. “I’m not doing this anymore! I wanna go home!” The strangers voice cried. I turned and looked in the direction of the voice. It was that moment, that I realized my folly. “Oh how stupid I have been!!” I thrashed my tail in fury against the waves and then quickly dove down back into the water. Today had started out so perfect and so right, that it had lulled me into carlesness. “How could I have let myself be seen?! And by a boy with a camera no less! Oh, I am in so much trouble! Mom will be furious when she finds out!!”


Things we never say, but should

How often are things left unsaid?
We just go about our normal lives in our routines and just get used to how things are and the people in our lives.
As if our family and friends will live forever.
But anything can happen,  and there is no guarantee that we will all be alive tomorrow.
So I for one, do not want to lose someone and then have to live with the regret of what I didn’t say.
I don’t want mourn over the words left unsaid, when it is too late to say them.
So, I’ve come up with a list to remind myself of things to say more often.
These phrases should be common things we say to our family and friends.
Because you never know what words might be your last.
So go ahead and play the music, as you read and feel free to comment with anything that I may have missed.


“I love you”
“You mean so much to me”
“How is your heart feeling today?”
“What are you thinking about?”
“I appreciate the little things you do”
“Thank you”
“You have a beautiful soul”
“You have the most amazing heart I have ever seen”
“I need you”
“You make me come alive”
“You make my heart smile”
“It’s been a pleasure knowing you”
“You have impacted my life in incredible ways”
“I’m with you, no matter what”
“I’m here for you, when you’re ready”
“Don’t give up”
“You are not a lost cause”
“I am so proud of you”
“There is no one like you, ever.”
“I love when you smile”
“It’s OK, everyone makes mistakes”
“I forgive you”
“You can never be replaced”
“Thank you for being who you are”
“Thank you for always sticking by me”
“You are good enough”
“You have purpose”
“You are worth fighting for”
“You mean the world to me”
“I’m so grateful to have you in my life”


Dreams Of Youth

My Dream:

Is for a faith that storms into hospitals healing the broken

With unwavering belief,

My Dream Is a  boldness so strong its clearly  not human

fearlessly setting the captives free!

MY Dream Is breaking  down the strongholds of the enemy

And overtaking all cities for Christ,

MY Dream Is Traveling to every city to share the gospel

Bringing a fire to those who’s lonely spirits have died.

MY Dream Is a hope to be content in little or excess

To depend on God to provide all the money,

MY Dream is to fund mission trips on my own

and give all  that I earn to the needy.

MY dream:

Is full of a longing to share my life with a husband

A man who’s passionately in love with Jesus Christ,

MY Dream Is a desire to start a family, but not in the expected way..

But by taking unwanted and orphaned children and calling them mine.

MY Dream Is the hope for a man who will go to the ends of the earth

And is willing to do anything for The LORD, just as I

MY Dream Is a dream of a man who finds humor anywhere

Living spontaneously, adventurously and never afraid to try.

MY Dream Is a hope for someone with deep thoughts, big dreams

and an even bigger heart ever growing kinder,

MY Dream Is a desire for him to love what I love

and be a listener, a best friend and fellow traveler.

MY dream:

Is full of appreciation for nature

dreaming to spend every moment I can taking it all in,

MY Dream Is a longing to see every culture, every shore

Simply discovering this beauty we’ve been given.

MY Dream Is to keep moving, keep changing

Change our society, change our laws,

MY Dream Is a hope to put a stop to the cruelty

Put an end to suffering from dictators cause.

MY Dream Is a desire to right the wrongs

Save the hurting and stop  injustice,

MY Dream Is a desire to influence government

Judge rightly and defend innocence.

MY Dream Is to use music to influence

the children without direction,

MY Dream Is A dream of feeding the hungry

living in compassion, and bringing correction.

MY dream:

Is to intercede for anyone and everyone

oh if only I knew how to pray,

MY Dream Is to see the King of Glory at long last

and look my lovely savior in the face.

MY Dream Is a willingness even a hope to be a martyr

Without hesitation to give my life for HIM,

MY Dream Is a desperation to press in and draw close

To the one whom I owe and  whom I give.

MY dream:

Is a continual floating of melodies

Engulfing every part of me in its song,

MY Dream Is a hope to play every instrument well

And create music all the day long.

MY Dream Is to join a symphony,

And compose a beautiful masterpiece,

MY Dream Is to find and catch the music in life

And put it on paper for others to see.

MY Dream Is to spend every waking moment

Wrapped in His arms during worship,

My Dream Is to always remain worshiping

Oh how my soul longs to be in His presence.

MY Dream Is to not be satisfied with anything ordinary

And never settle for complacency,

MY Dream IS to find out how hot I can burn for Him

And do whatever He has planned for me.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic: Book Review

I really loved this book! After reading so many YA books, where the female,  was either immature or dull, Nora’s character was a refreshing surprise!
I REALLY liked that she was intelligent and outspoken! She is certainly one of my favorite characters from any young adult novel.


I love that she challenges the status quo and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. (Not counting that one time when she was enchanted by the Fatorien.)

Even though Nora is stuck in a world where women are considered lower class, and considered the property of men. She doesn’t let herself get pushed around, just because she’s female. She doesn’t except the sexist treatment towards her and strives to influence the new found society as best she can. And she does accomplish that, at least with Aurendiel. He learns from her and also starts seeing her as an equal. Which is pretty impressive, seeing as how he is almost 200 years old, and old habits die hard.

Also something that I love about Nora, is that even though she is trapped in a medeivil world, and has been enchanted, was married against her will, AND suffered a misscariage, she still tries to make the best of her time! (Rather than wallowing in pity.)

I thought her character was, while realistic, someone I could admire. That’s not to say that she didn’t make some stupid mistakes, (she certainly did!) But everything mistake she made, was one I would probably have made if I were in her place. I really found her character to be the highlight of this book.
However be warned, this book is part of a series!!!
I wish I would have known that going in!
Since I picked up this book thinking it would have a beginning, middle and an end.
It however did not.
It began with promise, but somewhere in the middle, the plot completely disappeared! Things dragged on seemingly forever! The storyline began to seem aimless.
“Where did the storyline go?” I asked myself as I kept reading..
“Because really awesome stuff is gonna happen soon and make the story end with a bang!” Is what I would tell myself, in order to keep reading.
But I was so terribly wrong.
And sorely disappointed.
I invested so much time and (lets be honest emotions too), but there was no payoff! Like at all!
No resolution.
Nothing to satisfy and answer most of the questions that had been brought up during the story.
Also, you can’t tease a romance throughout the whole story, building it higher and higher, and then just end without ANYTHING really happening!
You just can’t!
It’s just cruel to the readers!
And yes, I know it’s weird that she wants Aurendiel, seeing as how he murdered his last wife, which he believed was within his rights. (Really, WTF?!)

But aside from that,  he was rude, impatient and had a legendary temper! Why would anyone one want to date someone like that?! I appreciated that Nora often reminded herself of those facts, and that she readily acknowledged that it was just a stupid and dangerous crush. She got points in my book for being able to do that! I love that this lead female character could do what most women in this genre can’t do.  She was able to logically look at her feelings, and reason them out, without jumping into the arms of the first guy who smiled at her. (Again, barring the time that she was enchanted). Anyways, Aurendiel being such a hard, closed off and angry person was hard to get over. But eventually I did.
Because I wanted them to get together, and even rooted for them to become a couple.
BUT NOTHING EVER HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM! There was no resolution between the 2 main characters.
I mean, really!? Why must the author tease us?!

While I really loved the world and characters and story, and truly enjoyed reading this book (minus the floundering lack of plot halfway thru).

Reading The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic was soooo unsatisfying! If only because of the terrible ending.

This novel can only be redeemed by the sequel being totally amazing and having a concise and well driven plot! And there better be some reason why Aurendiel is such a jerk to her, because I’m not buying the whole “Mr. Darcy” thing.

Book Review: The Wrath and the Dawn

Book Review of The Wrath And The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
This novel was a fun read. It’s part historical fiction, part romance, part fantasy and part twilight.
Let me start with this, I really enjoyed this story. I loved Shazi’s ferocity and boldness! And even though I hated the king in the beginning, I actually came to understand and sympathize with him.  I feel for him, I really do, I don’t know how I would survive it, if I were in his shoes. And Shazi is awesome, she’s relatable, likeable, bold and pretty much bows to no one! She is certainly one of the best female characters i’ve read in a quite a while.

Overall this book is an enchanting and intriguing read! I am really looking forward to the sequel! The imagery and story line kept me engaged and I finished it in one day! The dialogue was awesome! And the romance was totally swoon worthy. I mean it was really romantic in a good way!
-However there are some things that are really bugging me!
First of all, there is a lot of description, which I appreciate, but it was over done. So many details of what Shazi was wearing each day, got old pretty quick. I ended up skipping over it.
Secondly, the secondary characters were really hard to keep straight, a lot of them had no introduction at all. I couldn’t keep track off who was who, so I just stopped trying.
Thirdly, there are so many foreign terms in this book! I like that it made it feel like I was discovering a new culture. But it was too much!! Again, I couldn’t keep up! So I just ignored the foreign terms and kept reading. Because no body wants to have to stop on every page to look up a word on the back of the book…. I mean, come on!
Now if these were the only problems with the book, I still would have given it 4 stars. But there are more. And really it’s what kills the romance… *Spoiler Alert*
The sex.
On the Wedding night, the king comes to visit Shazi to find out why she volunteered, but she instead takes her clothes off in front of him and they have sex. This is after Shazi tells the reader how filled with hate she is towards him, and how she plans on tricking him so she can kill him. She is seething with hatred, but she feels like Khalid expects sex from her, so she goes along with it. Afterwards she casually remarks to the reader that she was surprised, that she was easily able to detach from her body and not truly feel (or acknowledge) what was happening. She even says that it didn’t hurt (which I’m guessing means that it was her first time). She also says that he didn’t seem to enjoy it much, which made her happy.
I think it’s safe to assume that she not only resented and hated him for him being a murdered, but also because he had, sad, empty sex with her.
Now let me explain a little about what happened here. Whether or not her mind was aware, her body went into “fight or flight” mode. Her mind, and heart withdrew from herself, in order to prevent the pain of unwanted sex. Shazi became numb, so that she could endure something that was horrendous and terrible. In other words, Shazi shut down emotionally, so that she wouldn’t feel the regret and sorrow of having sex with someone she didn’t like, who was also her best friends killer. The fact that she is glad that he didn’t enjoy it, proves that she resented and hated him even more, for going through with it.
Now fast-forward to the end, so we can get the Khalid’s thoughts on that fateful night.   He himself says, that he could see the “seething hate” in her eyes and he knew instantly that she despised him. He also makes it clear he was not in love with her at first sight, but he was merely curious about her. Then he mentions how he has never slept with his previous brides before (excluding his first wife Ava). So here is a man, in his own admonition, was merely curious about this girl and was not intending to sleep with her. And yet when he meets her and sees how much she desperately hates him, he decided to go ahead with it anyways and have sex with her. Because, “Hey why not? I’m the King, and she’ll be dead in the morning!”
What is wrong with this guy? How can he be the main love interest?!
Later on these two fall for each other, even though Shazi knows he is a murderer. (Sound like Stockholm syndrome? Ya, I think Tauriq was actually right, when he said that!) Anyways when Khalid and Shazi admit there feelings and decide to have sex, Khalid tells her that it will be different this time. Why?
Because he knows the difference between wanted sex, used as an expression of love between two partners, or unwanted coerced sex. Which means he very clearly knew what he was doing the first few times he slept with Shazi. Which begs the question, if he really is a good guy, with, good intentions, who has a tortured soul and just happens to be stuck in a bad curse…. WHY did he go along with it? And why did it happen more than once, when he knew it pained her?
It seemed like the point of this story was to help us understand that Khalid wasn’t a monster and was actually a good guy, because that’s what keeps the romance going.   And this twist is what make the story interesting. But I just can’t seem to see him in a good light after what happened between Shazi and Khalid the first few nights! It’s just sad!
And not realistic, because in real life Shazi wouldn’t just be conflicted about him being a murderer. But she would also be conflicted about how he took her virginity regardless of the state she was in. She really would have a hard time loving him, or at least having sex with him after an encounter like that. She wouldn’t be able to just forget it so she could fall in love with her captor! Even if she did bury it deep down inside, it will come back up and destroy all the good between her and Khalid. She has to deal with the trauma.
Or else this story is not realistic and therefore the romance unattainable.

What to do with newborn rescued kittens

This post if for anyone who has found or was given newborn kittens and doesn’t know what to do with them.

First get them warm!!! Find a small box they can’t climb out of and put a heating pad down, with a small blanket or towel on top of it. If the kittens body temperatures are too low, hold them under your clothes against your skin and massage them. About half an hour after they have gotten warm you can feed them.

You will need to buy some KMCR powdered kitten formula and a kitten nursing bottle. And some colostrum too, if they are less than 3 days old. Mix it according to directions and using the bottle slowly let them suck. Don’t squeeze any milk out, just let them do it at there own pace. Make sure the bottle is tilted up so it comes out easier. Also never flip them upside down to feed them like a baby! Let them stand on all fours as they drink, so they don’t choke. Have them drink a bit and then try burping them like a baby. Put them against your chest and pat them across the back. Gently without hurting their spine.

Then take a damp tissue or cotton ball or wet wipe and rub the genitals in circular motion. Since they can not pee on their own, the momma cat licks them to stimulate them so they can pee and poo. Count for 60 seconds to make sure they get it all out. Keep in mind if you just found them they may have not eaten recently and may be dehydrated and therefore may not pee much. After they are done peeing, you can try feeding them some more. If the milk kinda spills out of their mouth and gets foamy, then they are full. Also if they are really dehydrated you may want to try adding  a small amount of plain pedialyte to their formula.

Now they will be sleepy,  you can put the kitten on its heating pad in its box. But make sure the kitten has somewhere to lay away from the heating pad if it gets to hot. It is very common for kittens to die from overheating.  Make sure to put a small, fuzzy stuffed animal in the box for the kitten to snuggle against. Or you can let the kitten sleep with you, since they don’t want to be alone at such a young age.  Don’t get too comfortable tho! Newborn kittens must be fed every 1 or 2 hours!! They can die if they miss feedings! Set your alarm during the day and throughout the night!!! And good luck with your newborn kitten! It is exhausting but very rewarding, the kittens will adore you!


Here is my experience week by week.

First day,  Monday two black kittens were abandoned in a box outside my garage door. They are freezing cold and climbing all over me! Which means they are desperate, because normally newborns are not strong enough to carry their own weight. So  I get them nice and warm and make them a box with a heating pad. Then I feed them kitten formula and colostrum. The vet tells me the are only a day old, and they were born premature. The end of the  umbilical cord is still sticking out.  The eyes are sealed shut and  the ears are closed. Their meows are feeble and quiet, we aren’t sure if they are gonna make it.

The first day I feed them every 2 hours and I carry them around in my sweater pocket. The swaying movement puts them to sleep.  But one kitten isn’t eating as much as the other and only ever wants to sleep.  The other one will eat and crawl around a little bit. They are both very, very, skinny!  Here is a picture at 1 day old:


The 2nd day I feed them every 2 hours. One still drinks willingly, the other I still have to coerce into nursing.  Here is a picture of them at 2 days old:


Day 3: Still nursing every 3 hours and still mixing colostrum with the formula. each barely eat half a tablespoon,


Thursday day 4: The ears starting opening and moving! Long tail gained her apatite and eats more often and pees a lot, when rubbed. Short tail can potty on her own! Feeding them every 3 hours in the day, 4 hours at night. Finally  they kitten has gotten her apatite back! They are both eating the same amount!! they are getting rounder.



Friday day 5 long tail eats a lot!! Short tail doesn’t crawl anymore, he just sleeps and eyes lids are now fully formed! they eat  every 3 to 4 hours. they each eat 1 tablespoon! However short tails butt-hole has swollen up and is very tender to the touch. It is a result of rubbing too much with toilet paper that isn’t soft. So I switch to wet wipes and cotton balls to wipe. And several times a day I rinse her off her behind and put a bit of vaseline on the hole.


Saturday day 6 Ive been alternating feeding them every 3 or 4 hours during the day. Short tail gulps the whole tablespoon all at once, long tail, takes her time drinks half, then wont open her mouth. so she is coaxed to pee. Then she finishes the 2nd half.


Sunday day 7: They finally got the hang of bottle feeding! as long as their bladder is empty they feed easily. Short tail is pooping everyday. And the swelling in her pooper has gone down, and she isnt sensitive there anymore. Hurray!






Monday day 8:  (1 week old!) Long tails eye ducts are starting to peek open! I take them to the vet today, everything seems good!


Tues Day 9: They are both pooping daily. Short tail seem to have yellow diarhea, which means they are overeating. So I mixed in less powder and more water for my future feedings. Long tail seems constipated, so i must feed her more frequently, but smaller amounts. I was doing every 4 hours. so I am going back to every 2 or 3 hours and only 4 to 5 hours at night.


Weds Day 9: Her eyes are opening bit by bit each day, but the other kittens eyes are still sealed shut. They wont sleep as much as they normally do and keep waking up to eat! I realize I watered down the formula too much. So i make the normal amount but add pumpkin mix  to help stop their diarrhea. So I stop giving them the flavored pedialyte, thinking that they are sensitive to the dye.

 image image

Thurs day 10: Wow I can see her pupils! I still give them a bit of pumkin and they no longer have loose stools. I was right it was the flavored peidialyte that made them sick.

image image

Friday Day 11


Sat Day 12: Still feeding them every 3 hours during the day and 4 at night. But sometimes when I run errands and go to class I feed them every 4 hours and they seem fine.


Sun Day 13: Eyes popped open! But they can not focus on anything, she cant really control them very well, so they just kinda roll around. The other kittens eyes are still closed.


Mon Day 14: 2 weeks old!!  She has more control over her eyes. And the 2nd kitten opened her eyes instantly today! They are happy healthy and love to cuddle!!

image image

Monday week 3!  they eat ever 4 hours, and 6  at night. they eat 1 1/2. they are more playful and gained weight from .4 to .5  They  went to the vet and got de-wormed!



Four weeks, they’re immune systems got too weak. They became very congested and couldn’t breathe thru the nose. And they stopped eating because of it. Even antibiotics didn’t help.


Unfortunately, at 4 weeks old they died because of a weak immune system, most likely from being born early and taken away from  from the mother.

Rest in Peace: Short Tail and Long Tail!


Hopefully you have better luck with any newborn kittens you find!

I can’t stress enough, how important it is that they get milk from their mother for at the least 3 days!



Rabbit hole

So I haven’t been posting anything over the past few months, because its been crazy busy. I wrote this poem while riding in the car, the other day.  I was kinda going thru a  rough time, but I thought I might as well share it with the world. It’s not a particularly cheerful poem, but hopefully it will mean something to somebody!


When you’ve gone down the rabbit hole,
And theres nothing left but to fall..
When your lost inside that tunnel,
Don’t you be afraid of it all.

When dirt fills your lungs,
there’s no more breath,
and you swear you hear the call of death.

You’ve fallen down the Rabbit hole, don’t know how you got there in the first place.

Wandering aimlessly, eyes wide shut, where can you go from here?

When you’re trapped inside the rabbit hole,
And there’s nothing left, but to crawl…
Death has followed you all the way down,
It calls out your name even now.

When your lost in the rabbits hole,
Just hold on longer still.
Just hold on a little longer still.

When air is gone,
you’ve taken your last breathe.
Wait for me,
coming from the other side of death.

When your body’s numbed itself to sleep,
Wait for me longer still.
When your hearts taken its last beating,
Wait, for me a little longer still.

I’m waiting for you on the other side of death,
Just wait for me a little longer still.