Little Firefly

Has anyone….
ever fallen in love?
Fallen in love
with falling in love?
Has anyone…
ever fallen for lOVE?
………… then this poem is for you 🙂


Sometimes nothing could truly matter more, than love.
Somedays nothing measures up, quite like love does.
Somehow your dying to be in love with someone
Somewhere perhaps they are waiting for you to come.

I’m filled with sweet sorrow of longing for love,
Thinking of the love once known, now gone.
Oh Love you are a beautiful glow, like a firefly
Ive been searching the meadows, the city’s, the sidelines,
To find you, to catch you and watch you light up my fingers,
To feel your warmth fill me, as  soothing beauty lingers.
with your wings I’ll take flight and I’ll never leave the sky
Then I’ll keep you in a jar, to hold dear all my life.
To follow you, as you lead me to brighter places….
Where once was dark, becomes colorful amazement!

BUT Finding you little firefly, is the hardest part
I’m lost in my dreams and don’t know where to start!
Life without light and color is my meaningless,
How can i find you, I don’t want to settle for less.
I want what is right, but I’m lost in directions
Pointing one way or another for any affections.
Yet you feel so close, as if I could grab you
My expectations crash, for I know I don’t have you.
Oh Love, life without you feels worthless
This hope believes you will bring me a purpose.
Bring a reason to awake, a reason to live
A reason to speak and reason to exist.
Love you define me, who am I? What can I do?
When will we embrace? i wont live till I’ve met you.

Looking for the love to keep and to hold
Looking for love both gentle and bold
Looking for a love protectively jealous for me,
Needing to stay by my side most definitely.
Willing to risk his life for me, in a moment,
Gentle, thoughtful, and always hoping.
Love transcending fallouts and old hurts,
Love steadily growing louder and deeper
Than the monotonous noise of self serving world
True love, if there really ever is such a word…
I am looking for you, searching for love still true.
because they promised me that one day i may find you.