Why are Artists pulling music from spotify?

Why are Artists pulling music from spotify?

If you ask me, its really unfair to the fans to pull albums from spotify.

Now, It’s not like Spotify doesn’t pay the artists every time a song is played. Because they do! Check out this article from spotify that talks about how much they pay the artists.


Remember when CD’s sold for $20? And there were only like 2 or 3, good songs on it? It felt like a rip off, right?!

Normal working people who are music fans, simply couldn’t afford to spent 20 to 15 dollars every time a new album came out. So what happened?  Illegal downloading. At some point in our life, we’ve all done it. Or  if we didn’t, we at least went on youtube to listen to it over and over, since we couldn’t afford to buy it.

Did artists get paid for that? Of course not! I’m sure they felt ripped off. But to be fair, the music industry was changing, and artists didn’t seem to know how to keep up.

People say  America is in a recession, unemployment has skyrocketed, and even though things may be getting better, the golden days are over. Customers can’t afford to gamble $20 to 15 on an album, that they may or may not enjoy.

Fortunately, Itunes tried to bridge the gap, by making music cheaper and more readily available. But even trying to buy all our must have albums on Itunes  adds up, fast.  So people pirated music instead, and artists again didn’t get paid. Then spotify came out, making it way cheaper to listen to all your favorite artists.

Finally! Supply is meeting the demand!

Finally a middle ground, where we, the consumers can afford music, and the artists still gets paid! Most music fans love spotify. People who would normally not spend money on music, are now using spotify. Even if they are not paying $10, the ads make money for the artists. I am so thankful that I can listen to all my favorite artists for only 10 a month!

Yes, I know its true, that spotify doesn’t pay very much to artists. But its better than nothing!

But now artists are pulling music from spotify, because they think that spotify is not paying them enough money….

Are you serious? Don’t musicians already live a ridiculously lavish lifestyle? Aren’t most musicians already grossly overpaid?!

Yes they are talented, yes their music has value. But do they really need a private jet and several homes? (that we as hardworking consumers pay for?)

Maybe if artists start making a little bit less money, they might get a reality check. They are just musicians, its not like they are saving the world. So why do they deserve a kings ransom?

Now, Spotify may not be around in the future,  technology is changing our of way of life continually. So who knows where we will end up?

But one thing is for sure, CD’s are on their way out.

Ask any teenager, do they have more digital copies of music or more CD’s ?

Do kids even know what CD’s are? After all they are our future.

Do new cars and computers still have CD Players in them? Will they in the future? No.

For that matter where can you even buy a CD player?  Except at a thrift store..

Spotify may not be perfect, but at least it is meeting the consumers needs.

It’s a step in the right direction. Pulling music from Spotify is not the answer.

Check out this link for more info.



The Romantics

This is for all of the romantics out there,

Feel free to play the music while you read, its one of my favorite songs.


I’m waiting for you my prince

until our day has come,

the day you’ll fight for me,

the day my heart is won….

I’m waiting for you

When will you find the way here?

I’m calling you, in the silence,

Pulling you, drawing you near….

Please make haste my prince

My faithful precious one,

Tho I do not know you,

Your somewhere and your someone…..

Tho content and patient, i wait

I so  long for your embrace,

To once and for all set my eyes,

Upon your beautiful face…..

Take your time if you must,

Surely timing is everything,

I must first live on my own,

To discover I can do anything…..

I’m waiting for you my prince

Tho you may have far to come,

Don’t let deserts, mountains keep you,

From the one you are meant to love…..

I long to look within your heart

To rest in trust and peace,

To have you by my side,

Loving me for me……

Please make haste my prince

Don’t lose hope along the way,

Of I, who loves you so,

And patiently awaits the day…..

For one day you’ll find me

You’ll catch me in your arms,

Take me wherever you go,

And keep me from any harm….

When we have and hold

Life will be too perfect for words,

I’ll spend my days with you,

And give all that you deserve…..

To wait for you I’m content

For your far worth the wait,

One day our lives will collide,

So darling…

don’t be late.