Letter To My future Self

This letter is for me to read when I grow up.

I say “when I grow up” because I don’t feel like a grown up, in less than 2 months I will be 25 and yet I still feel like a kid. I don’t consider myself as a grown up at all. Perhaps I never will.

But nevertheless this letter is for my future self 25 years from now.

My own personal time capsule


Not to be read until my birthday, April 1 2040

If you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume that there have been no apocalypses, natural disasters, wars or other end of the world scenarios, that have wiped out the face of the earth.

So congrats, You are still alive! You made it!! Pat yourself on the back!! You are still alive and kicking!  Also you and Giovanni have been married for 26 years!! Go out and celebrate. Right now! Seriously, I will wait…

Now I’m just going to assume you have traveled a lot of the world by now, if not, then stop wasting time and go see the world. Your kids should be old enough to get by without you. GO!! Sell what you can and spend some time traveling while you are still healthy!

Since that stuff is out of the way.

How are you? Still choosing to love above everything else? You haven’t let yourself grow cold and numb have you? I know it’s hard, life gets so painful, your tendencies are to push everyone away and build walls around your heart. Its so easy to hide out in your shell and let your heart grow hard in the name of self preservation

But DON’T!! Hold on to love, like it’s ALL you have! Because it is. Love is all that really matters in this life. I hope you haven’t let material things, career goals or anything else overshadow what is most important.


Loving yourself, loving your spouse, loving your children,  and loving your family and friends. They are the greatest treasures you can have on this earth. All the rest is just extra.

Don’t get so focused on other things that you let relationships slip away. I know you, relationships are vital, they are your life line. Without them  you simply wither away into isolation and resignation. DO NOT LET YOURSELF GO NUMB! Do not close yourself off from the world.  Keep forgiving and moving forward. Resist the urge to retreat inside your self. Continue to face the world head on, with open arms. Let Go of all the bitterness and hurt, let the past Go. Just let go. Trust that your scars will heal and that you will be OK.

So things didn’t work out the way you  wanted or planned them to. Life goes on. I promise you, if you do not give up, you WILL recover. If you refuse to give up, you open yourself up to tons of opportunities for life to get better. But if you give up mentally, emotionally or physically. Then its game over, there can be no more chances. There will be no more life.

Now if you keep holding on, things may get  worse, but then things may get better too. You still have so much time left, so many chances. So many opportunities for improvement. By not giving up, you are opening the door of possibilities. Endless possibilities for things to turn around.

Don’t give up on your dreams, even if society says your dreams are impossible and far fetched, give it your best shot.  Don’t be afraid. Challenge the status quo and follow your dreams. You were born to try.

Now tell me, what is technology like? Do we have flying cars yet? Can you teleport anywhere? Is the internet any less annoying? Are people still obsessed with selfies and taking pictures of there food and workout sessions? Is Facebook still full of ridiculous claims and advertisement overloads? Are people still obsessed with celebrities for no good reason?

Are politicians and CEO’s still grossly overpaid? Are people still obsessed with entertainment, while ignoring how people are suffering in third world countries? Are people still being  sold as sex slaves ? Are  children still going hungry on the other side of the world, or in your neighborhood?  Are countries still being oppressed?  And are religions or races still being persecuted? If so, what can you do to help stop it?

You have come so far, and you have been so blessed in life, go find some one less fortunate than you, who is in need and help them. With either your time, your resources, or your money.

How’s the environment? Are we taking care of the earth  our children will be inheriting? Have we moved to some amazing form of sustanaible energy? You  better have solar panels by now! Your car better not still run on gas and pollute the environment! Have we finally stood up to the food corporations and forced them to stop putting poisonous chemicals in our food?

I really, really hope so.

Now my guess is that in these 25 years you may have lost someone close to you. Instead of looking at what you lost, remember to treasure the time you did have with them. It was a gift. Thank God that you got to spend time with them and got to know there heart. Cherish all the moments that brought love and joy. Let those moments be a beacon for you, a bright light that will never stop shining.  Those memories can never be erased. And they have left in you such an impact, that will not go unnoticed. When someone in your life passes away, they will not be forgotten, they have left  their mark on you. They live on in you. So carry on their legacy with your head held high. You just might see them again someday.

Oh, and one more thing… Happy 50th birthday!!